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Destination: Greenpoint

Fulfill your sense of wanderlust with an adventure to Greenpoint, a hidden gem among Brooklyn’s long list of trendy neighborhoods. Just a quick trip by ferry from RiverHouse 9.


Greenpoint is a special destination home to a bustling creative community rooted in Polish-American history. Within the Brooklyn scene, this little neighborhood nestled between Williamsburg and Long Island City is perfect for a day spent shopping for vintage and relishing in unique antique finds.


Start your day with a visit to Bakeri, a delicious bakery hidden among stunning brownstones in a quiet residential block of Greenpoint. If you’re looking for the ideal cottage core aesthetic paired with French antiques, then this quaint little spot is right up your alley. Some of their popular summer menu items include a fresh tomato danish, a raspberry pistachio muffin, and if you’re really hungry you can never go wrong with their traditional biscuits and eggs.

Vintage couch

Once you’ve grabbed your quick bite to eat, begin making your way down to Dobbins St. and Norman Ave. to pick out your vintage souvenirs and home goods. The best part about vintage shopping is looking at a piece and romanticizing its history – “Who loved this before I did?” Perhaps the item you’re looking at belonged to a 1920s New York socialite or a 1960s Madison Ave. ad man. While shopping for vintage apparel, be sure to ask the sales associate of its history to learn more.


Your first stop on your vintage treasure hunt should be Dobbins St. Vintage Co-op. With a variety of antique finds, this is a great spot to find unique furnishings for your apartment. Whether you’re searching for a mid-century modern dining set or a bright velvet 70s inspired couch, you are sure to find it here.

Feng Sway

Feng Sway is a more well-rounded boutique with products spanning from beauty and vintage apparel to plants and incense. Upgrade your skincare routine with their rose quartz crystal gua sha and replenish your essential oils with their seabuckthorn oil. Then add texture to your luxury apartment with a combination of dried florals, feathers, and vibrant non-toxic pet-friendly plants- rattlesnake calathea, wave ferns, and the bella palm make a great addition especially when living with pets who like to nibble and play with your plants.


Both Mirth and Awoke Vintage make great shopping destinations for vintage clothing lovers with two very different styles. Mirth’s aesthetic is more earthy with classic neutral tones featuring items from Yves Saint Laurent and Celine. Whereas Awoke Vintage is more known for their vintage Levi’s and graphic tees featuring popular 80s bands, comical slogans, and old-school comics. If you go early enough you might be able to snag some of their luxury items from Versace and Moschino.


Aelfie is a lovely design studio known for their outrageous patterns and bold, eclectic use of color. At this bright and airy studio, you have the option to fully customize a tufted carpet for your apartment home or select any of their premade designs. Although their specialty is in handcrafting rugs, they also carry products for bedding and throw pillows, bringing your whole aesthetic together.


After a day spent thoroughly exploring Greenpoint’s eclectic vintage scene, it’s time to head back to your stylish haven along the riverfront at RiverHouse 9. Don’t forget to snap photos from your adventure and tag @riverhouse9pi on Instagram and Facebook so we can see all the treasures you found to make your luxury apartment in Port Imperial feel even more special.

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