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Your Natural Element

After the constant go-go-go of a busy week of work, errands and obligations, it’s time to take a day to relax and reinvigorate. Luckily, RiverHouse 9 offers the perfect backdrop for your me-day. From spacious apartments to serenely dramatic lounges to waterfront access, you are sure to be in your natural element in our luxury Weehawken apartments.


man running by water

As the morning sunlight softly streams in your bedroom window, take a moment to feel the sun on your face as you slowly awaken to the day. Rehydrate with some cool water, grab a quick snack and throw on your favorite running shoes. Nothing sets the tone for the day like a jog along the waterfront. Take in the awesome mix of lush nature, city views and iconic monuments that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.


At the end of your run, you’ll conveniently find yourself right outside of Steven’s Café Weehawken. Grab a cappuccino for a much-needed caffeine hit and pair it with their egg and cheese bagel for a post-workout protein boost. Sit at a nearby park bench and watch the boats go by or take your breakfast back to the RiverHouse 9 lounge area and catch up on the week’s events on one of the many TVs.

RiverHouse 9 at Port Imperial Clubroom

Grab a shower, change into your comfiest sweats and fill your water bottle—it’s time to dive into that new thriller you’ve been waiting to read. RiverHouse 9’s spaces are ever flowing with plant life enveloping you with natural warmth as you curl up with your favorite book. For moments when the story gets too intense, a visit to mesmerizing jellyfish aquarium is all you need to bring you back to reality.


Speaking of reality, your stomach begins to growl and you realize the afternoon has drifted away. Back in your meticulously designed kitchen you’re ready to prepare the perfect dinner–fresh tuna with miso dressing paired with asparagus from the farmer’s market. After a healthy dinner, you surely deserve a little treat, so you head down to the courtyard and turn on a firepit. Your graham cracker, marshmallows and chocolate are transformed into gooey perfection in no time.


As the sun sets on your day of relaxation, you appreciate the serenity that RiverHouse 9’s spaces and location offer. A welcoming break from the ordinary.

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