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RiverHouse 9 at Port Imperial Resort-Style Pool

Your Perfect Summer Staycation

With your summer beach trip still a few weeks away, you’re scrolling your friend’s feeds feeling a bit envious of their getaways. Don’t let jealousy get you down. Instead, create the perfect staycation day courtesy of the resort-style features and amenities found at RiverHouse 9.


Pull the covers over your head and allow yourself an extra hour of sleep on your staycation day. Your body will thank you for the extra rest and time to recharge! Before you get out of bed, take 15 minutes to center yourself with a positive morning meditation guided by Tara Brach on your Calm app. After you’ve fed your soul, it’s time to feed your body.  Head over to Steven’s Café for an iced matcha and egg spinach wrap. Take it to go and sit along the water while you watch the boats glide across Manhattan’s skyline.

As the sun burns off the morning clouds, the temperature starts to heat up and the pool begins calling your name. You return to your apartment, change into your swimsuit, grab your bag and head to the expansive resort-style pool and sundeck. After you’ve chosen your perfect sun kissed lounge chair and applied sunscreen, take a quick dip to cool off, then pull out the book you’ve been saving for this day. Whether it’s the latest mystery from Reese’s book club or a beach read by Emily Henry, you lose yourself completely in the characters as the day floats by. When the heat makes you sleepy, the Majestic Casual playlist on Spotify will lull you into dreamland.

RiverHouse 9 at Port Imperial outdoor billiards with sweeping views

You wake to your best friend standing over you, ready for some afternoon fun. They challenge you to a billiards rematch, ready to redeem themselves after you swept the table the week prior. So, you walk to the outdoor billiard’s table with sweeping skyline views behind you. You make some great shots, you catch up on their latest gossip and the afternoon flies by.

After the game ends (they didn’t stand a chance) you’re ready to head back to your apartment for some spa time. Head to your spacious kitchen and make a nourishing face mask with this easy recipe from Elle Magazine. Combine ½ avocado, 1 tablespoon of honey and a handful of oats and apply to your face. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse for a gentle and natural facial exfoliation. Next grab your favorite bubble bath from Lush Cosmetics, candles from Little Batch Candle Co. and create a spa experience in your serene spa-like bathroom. Dry off and put on your fluffiest robe to complete the staycation vibe.


RiverHouse 9 is the perfect backdrop for your life—whether you need a day to yourself or are ready to get out and explore. Schedule a tour today and find the layout that suits you best.


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